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Dental Bonding San Carlos CA

Dentist and assistant performing a dental bonding procedure on a female patient at Frank Hsu, D.D.S. in San Carlos, CAYour teeth play many important roles in your mouth. Along with the functional roles of eating and speaking, your teeth are a crucial component in the quality of your smile. Any damage, no matter how minor, can mar the beauty of your smile, which can then impact your confidence. At Frank Hsu, D.D.S., we can restore minor damage to your teeth, giving you back your confident smile, with bonding.

What is Bonding?

Bonding is a cosmetic fix for minor dental imperfections. It is a simple procedure that uses a composite resin material to restore a more beautiful smile. Composite resin is a tooth-colored material made up of plastic, fine glass, and other components. When it is placed and cured on your teeth, it provides a flawless result that blends in perfectly with the rest of your teeth, giving you back your beautiful, confident smile.

Uses for Bonding

Bonding is a versatile material that can be shaped and molded to meet a variety of different needs. It can be used to treat minor cosmetic dental flaws such as:

•  Small chips or cracks in the enamel layer of your teeth.
•  Minor gaps between your teeth.
•  Teeth that are small or oddly shaped.
•  Discoloration that has not responded to teeth whitening treatments.

Why Get Bonding?

There are many benefits to bonding for minor flaws in your teeth.

•  The procedure is often completed in less than half an hour, causing minimal disruption in your day.

•  It is completely painless. You do not even need a local anesthetic.

•  The procedure is noninvasive. We do not need to alter the structure of your teeth in any way as we would with other treatments such as veneers or crowns.

•  The bonding material looks completely natural and blends in perfectly with the rest of the natural tooth structure.

•  Bonding is the most affordable option for fixing cosmetic issues.

Smiling woman with dental bonding treatment from Frank Hsu, D.D.S. in San Carlos, CA

The Bonding Procedure

Getting your bonding is a quick, simple procedure that can typically be completed in less than half an hour. We begin by cleaning your teeth. Next, an acid etch is applied to the surfaces of your teeth where the bonding material will be applied. The acid creates a rough texture, which helps the material to bond better with your teeth. The acid is washed off, and your teeth are dried.

Next, the bonding is applied to your teeth and shaped as necessary. When the ideal appearance is achieved, a special light is used to cure, or dry, the material. Finally, it is polished to a smooth, beautiful finish.

Caring for Your Bonding

Bonding can stand up to most normal, everyday use. However, it is susceptible to damage. Biting or chewing on hard foods or objects can cause the material to chip or fracture. It is important that you avoid biting or chewing on things such as popcorn kernels, ice, pens, and your fingernails. You should also avoid using your teeth as tools.

Additionally, bonding can pick up stains, which cannot be removed with any whitening treatment. Other than these considerations, you can, and should, brush and floss your teeth as normal, and maintain regular dental visits.

With bonding, we can help to restore the appearance of your teeth, giving you back a beautiful smile. Contact us today at 650-262-1940 for more information and to schedule your consultation!
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