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Dental Filling
San Carlos, CA

Before and after teeth with cavities and teeth that have been filled with dental fillings by San Carlos dentist at Frank Hsu, D.D.S..A dental filling is a very common dental restoration. Eventually, most people will receive dental treatment using the filling material. The most common application follows the removal of decay and then filling the cavity with fillings. At Frank Hsu, D.D.S., we can help bring your mouth to full function following damage done to your teeth, with amalgam or composite dental fillings. Dr. Hsu will review your needs and make recommendations that are most appropriate for your situation.

Dental Filling Material

Your tooth enamel is a very strong material that allows us to chew food; enamel is strong enough to put up with much use. When the tooth enamel has become damaged, whether from tooth fracture, from decay or cavities, we can remove any bacteria and then rebuild the tooth, providing it with extra strength and restoring its function.

If the amount of the damage is small, we can apply dental filling to restore the tooth. There are two commonly used dental materials that we use to fill the space, amalgam, and composite. Each material offers various pros and cons that we are willing to review with you before treatment. Some of these attributes include:

Amalgam Fillings:
Amalgam is the traditional material used. It is often most noted by its silver color. Amalgam is a metal filling material; it is comprised of a blend of various metals that have been mixed with mercury, giving that it is pliable, and yet strong form. Many patients like amalgam for their dental fillings because it is known for being very strong, and long-lasting. Amalgam offers strong durability making it a reliable material for dental fillings.

Though amalgam is a great option when repairing teeth, there are some aspects that patients tend not to like. Amalgam contains mercury about fifty percent of the amalgam compound is mercury. This may give a patient pause, but the American Dental Association has stated based on studies, that amalgam is a safe treatment compound when placed by a doctor. Another aspect of amalgam that patients do not like is the dark color; it is a dark silver in coloring. We only use amalgam in back teeth where it can best hide.

Composite Filling:
Composite is a filling material that is the second most common dental filling material used in dentistry. We use it to fill teeth after there has been breakage or cavities left from decay. The composite material is a great product that is used to fill cavities but is also used to make simple repairs including chip, cracks, and fractures. This filling material does not contain mercury but is made using a blend of quartz and resin. This quartz-based material is great in providing a strong and durable hold. Known as being a less durable product, science is advancing. The composite material has vastly improved in its strength, in fact, today, we will even use this material to make repairs in back molars where the chewing pressure is the highest.

Patients love that composite material can be tinted to match the color of their teeth allowing the work to be invisible in their mouth.

We are about your oral health and recommend dental cleanings to maintain it. If the decay gets past the point of restoration, a root canal could be the next option.

We are happy to answer your questions on the dental filling material. Contact our front desk at 650-262-1940 for more information.
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Dental Filling San Carlos, CA | Frank Hsu, DDS
Dental Fillings are used to restore areas of your tooth affected by decay. If your teeth are sensitive for more than a week, give us a call. Call (650) 262-1940.
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