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Preventive Dental Care
San Carlos, CA

Tooth Brushes in a cup at Frank Hsu, DDS San Carlos Dentist office.The best way to avoid tooth decay and oral health diseases is preventive dental care. Even with excellent oral hygiene practices, regular visits to our office are crucial. At Frank Hsu, D.D.S., we offer several preventive services that help keep your smile beautiful and your mouth free of health complications.

Below are some of the preventive services that our practice offers:

Health Screening

During your routine appointment, we will perform a screening to prevent various oral health problems that have been linked to more serious complications. For instance, studies have shown that gum disease and heart disease may be directly related. A simple health screening can help us recognize early symptoms and eliminate the risk.

If you are a woman going through hormonal changes due to puberty, pregnancy, or menopause, you may be a greater risk for gum disease. During your screening, we will check your gums to ensure your hormonal changes are not causing any issues.

Certain lifestyle habits can also damage your teeth and gums, including smoking, poor hygiene practices, and a poor diet. Making time to see us can ensure you know how to best avoid these habits. We will review lifestyle changes that will establish a stronger foundation for your oral health.

Professional Cleanings, Exams, and X-rays

During your routine appointment, our specially-trained dental hygienist will perform a professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar build-up from the surfaces of your teeth. We will also remove surface stains with a polish.

Dr. Hsu will perform a comprehensive exam to check for gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral afflictions. Regular exams help us handle problems when they are small and easier to treat, rather than waiting until more extensive procedures are required.

Your exam may also include socket measurement and tracking, as well as x-rays to detect decay and problems below the gum tissue. We use digital x-rays over traditional film x-rays, because of their many benefits. Digital x-rays emit less radiation, can be viewed instantly, can be enhanced to see even the smallest instances of decay, and are better for the environment.


For our younger patients, we offer dental sealants to prevent tooth decay on the occlusal (bite) surface of the molars. The occlusal surfaces of the molars contain deep grooves or fissures that can be difficult to clean, especially for children. Sealants are painted onto this surface, sealing the grooves and preventing tooth decay. Filling the grooves also makes it easier to brush the tooth.

Sealants are durable and can last up to five years before wearing down. If necessary, we can replace the sealant with a new one. Sealants are a cost-effective, preventative measure that can reduce your child’s chances of developing tooth decay on the molars. However, they are not a substitute for proper oral hygiene, diet, and regular appointments.

Gum Disease Screening

As we mentioned above, gum disease wreaks havoc on your oral and overall health, which is why screening is so important. The earlier the disease is caught, the easier it is to treat. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. If left to progress, you may find yourself in need of tooth replacement treatment faster than you think.

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