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Sedation Dentistry
San Carlos, CA

Woman relaxed in a dental chair with sedation dentistry by her San Carlos Dentist at Frank Hsu, D.D.S..Sedation dentistry provides patients who suffer from dental anxiety a relaxed experience while receiving treatment. Dental phobia or fear of the dentist affects about 30-percent of the population, according to the Dental Organization for Dental Sedation (DODS). Here at Frank Hsu, D.D.S. we offer our patients who have fears both nitrous oxide and oral (conscious) sedation.

Inhaled Sedation (Nitrous Oxide)

This sedation method is commonly known as "laughing gas." We will place a mask over your nose and mouth and ask you to breathe the nitrous oxide and oxygen combination through your nose. You will feel some tingling in your arms and legs and be relaxed after only a few minutes. Laughing gas is the mildest form of sedation and you will be awake through your procedure and can drive yourself home afterward.

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Oral Sedation

About an hour before your procedure you will take a pill, usually, Halcion which is similar to Valium. This anesthetic is mild to moderate, and the dose can be increased if needed to keep the patient comfortable. Many patients who take this type of anesthesia are so relaxed that they fall asleep during the procedure, but are not unconscious.

Sedation dentistry is a safe method that uses medication for those patients who are anxious about a dental procedure. We can also decide that a child who is not sitting still needs some form of anesthesia so he or she can receive the treatment.

If you need a dental procedure, we will explain what is involved in detail and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your dental health. You will fill out paperwork, release forms, and complete questions about your health history, including any allergies to medicines. This information will help us decide what sedation is more beneficial to you.

Once you are ready for your procedure, we will inform you about what medications we will be using and what you will feel once the sedation dentistry begins to be administered.

Sedation dentistry allows us to complete dental procedures quickly and we will only use the amount of anesthetic necessary to achieve the treatment. Sedation dentistry is generally safe, and it helps the patient remain comfortable.

For more information about your dental procedure or the use of sedation dentistry, call us here at Frank Hsu, D.D.S. at 650-262-1940 today.

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For more information about your dental procedure or the use of sedation dentistry, call Frank Hsu, DDS's dental office in San Carlos, CA at (650) 262-1940.
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