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Tooth Extraction
San Carlos, CA

Your teeth perform several different essential tasks every single day. They enable you to bite and chew your food. They control the flow of air when you speak. They give you a beautiful, confident smile. Teeth even play an integral part in maintaining the health of your jawbone. Taking care of your teeth is important for keeping them healthy. Even if you take proper care of your mouth, there here are several issues such as gum disease, tooth decay and more that can compromise the health of your teeth, your mouth, and even your overall health. If oral health issues have affected your teeth, all options are explored to restore them, including fillings, crowns, and root canals. However, if none of these options prove effective, Frank Hsu, D.D.S. can help with tooth extractions.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

When your teeth are damaged, treatment is needed right away. Severely damaged teeth can often lead to serious issues, including painful infections. Untreated, infections can lead to bacteria in the bloodstream. The bacteria can then spread throughout the body, contributing to health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.

If you have a damaged tooth, a thorough exam is done, including X-rays, to determine the extent of the damage and the best course of action. Many times, a damaged tooth can be restored with a filling, crown or root canal. However, if the tooth is beyond repair, it may need to be extracted. Reasons for tooth extraction include:
•  Cracks in the tooth that extend below the gum line, or that are completely below the gums. Most cracked teeth can be fixed with a crown. However, cracks below the gum line are not fully protected by crowns.
•  A tooth that has split or shattered completely.
•  Significant tooth decay. Most tooth decay and cavities can be restored with a filling. When the tooth is severely decayed, fillings can compromise the structure of the tooth, and the tooth may be unable to support a crown.
•  You have an impacted tooth. Impacted teeth are those that do not properly erupt through the gums. This is a common issue with wisdom teeth. Impacted teeth can lead to serious pain, infections, and other issues.
•  Your teeth are overcrowded. Overcrowding often leads to misaligned teeth, which can throw off your bite. In turn, this can lead to jaw pain, bruxism, and other issues. In the event of overcrowding, a tooth extraction provides the room necessary for orthodontic work to correct your bite.

Simple Extractions

There are two types of extractions. The first is a simple extraction. As the name suggests, it is a straightforward, simple procedure that can often be done under local anesthetic. With a simple extraction, the affected tooth is gripped with forceps. The tooth is then moved back and forth, widening the socket. When wide enough, the tooth is lifted free.

Surgical Extractions

Surgical extractions are more complex and are often used when a tooth presents more of a challenge. Performed under local anesthetic, and often sedation, there are a few different ways in which surgical extractions can be done. First, incisions are made in the gum tissue, exposing the tooth root and the surrounding bone. Once exposed, the tooth is removed. In some cases, a small amount of bone may need to be removed. If the tooth is shattered, all pieces will need to be removed. In other cases, we may need to break the tooth to remove it completely. Once the tooth is removed, the area is cleaned, and the tissue sutured closed.
Taking care of your teeth, and your mouth is essential for preventing issues that compromise your teeth. Should you be faced with any oral health issues, all of your options should be explored to save the affected tooth. If you are recommended for a tooth extraction, contact Westlake Oral Surgery at 650.262.1940 today.
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Tooth Extraction San Carlos, CA | Frank Hsu, DDS
There are many reasons a tooth needs to be extracted. Frank Hsu, DDS, your San Carlos Dentist will evaluate each situation to determine if extraction is needed.
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